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Biggest scam in the world.

This thing right here, is the biggest scam in the world.

Let’s keep the story short. I am not intending to call any system evil or compare it with others. This article is not about the conceptualization of a perfect utopia. This story is an over-simplified version of what is happening out there in the world. It is just being presented as it is; not judged. Just take this as a story of which you know the beginning and the end.

We all have loans and mortgages to pay, and billions of people are struggling so hard to live through each day. Does life essentially have to be this hard? Or was this way of life carefully engineered in the past?

Let’s go to the genesis of this broken system.

As we all know, in the previous centuries, there was the barter system. Then economics evolved, and people started to trade things in gold and silver. That was their currency. These shiny things actually carried no intrinsic value in them. They couldn’t be cooked or eaten. They couldn’t cure smallpox or cancer. This was an embryonic form of economics in which people would associate value to these things in their mind.

Pretty much like the following.

Your friend: This coin here, which I so difficultly obtained from an ore, costs 10 pumpkins. You agree?

You: I Agree mate. Here are your pumpkins. Give me the coin.

The crowd: This seems like a great innovative idea these fellas are proposing! Hey [Turning to my friend] Do you have more coins? I have a few watermelons to sell.

Bingo! Value is created out of thin air. The formula is Collective consent.

This form of transactions paved way for more complicated economic models in the coming centuries. The financial sector evolved, banking dynasties rose to power, accumulating wealth by their business. Different centuries, the same story-

They bribed the leaders and helped them to get elected. In return, the politicians would lend a blind eye when these businessmen built their empire on stolen lands with illegal affairs. It was an era of “finders, keepers” and “losers, weepers”.

The leaders ran with the hare in broad daylight and hunted with the hound after nightfall.

Soon, blood lines were separated based on wealth.

The rich and the poor were sorted out of the system and an unholy line was etched in between the two sides. One rigged to damnation and the other elevated to Eden.

Then came the banks.

Initially they started out legit. The same pumpkin economics. You had gold, you give it to the central authority called bank. The bank would then issue you legalized notes. These legal tender notes had the value of whatever gold you have placed at the bank. Now you can buy and sell pumpkins with these notes. In a nutshell, it’s like saying “The notes in your hand means you have one ounce of Gold marked in your name inside the bank. You can come back anytime with this note, and you will be handed back your gold right away”. The paper was private, and it just represented the gold being exchanged. All was well. Paper notes were easy to transact, comparing to the cumbersome gold, and bank offered security from theft too.

Soon, a nefarious scheme called the Dollar was made, and it was the ultimate weapon of control.

Dollar was the ultimate culmination of the unquenchable thirst for dominance and power, masqueraded as Economic reforms.

The story continues.

Scene 1: The Federal Reserve

In 1933, The US government, under the FDR order, confiscated all gold from the Americans and told them that their gold would be safe at the Federal Reserve. In exchange, they provided the people with Federal Reserve notes called Dollars, in denominations that represented their possession of gold.

Well, everyone complied. It’s Uncle Sam right? He works for our best interests.

The Federal reserve, or often stylized as the FED, would soon evolve to become the largest legalized theft organization on the planet. They collected people’s gold, which, through its centuries of use, had gained an intrinsic value.


Because taking over and controlling the money supply was the best thing to do in case you want to control, manipulate and eventually enslave a large group of people. So a few smart men, trying to dominate and accumulate power, rose up with a marvel supervillain-esque evil plan.

Up until now, the FED bill was the meaning that roughly translates into “If you have $20, it means that you have one ounce of gold inside the FED, with your name labelled on it.”

So it’s done. All the wealth of the countless bloodlines have been transferred to a central safe haven. The mathematics is precise. Whatever money that is floating round in the economy could be traced back to the FED. There was no orphan money, independent from the gold. Every cent was tethered to the gold that it was issued from.

In short, when FED needed to issue notes, it was required to keep gold as reserve. That was the magical equation that kept the Pandora’s Box in check.

This came to be known as the Gold standard.

Approximately six months later, the diplomats met again behind smokescreens and decides that somehow you now need $35 for the same ounce of gold. This was justified as to stimulate the economy. It was presented as a radical notion of people’s hard work being put into building the nation. It would have all been nice and well, if Dollar hadn’t turned out to the scam it is today.

So, in 6 months, the U.S government stole roughly 40 percent of people’s gold and more Dollars were issued without any additional gold deposit.

Eventually the chain of events led to a scheme so evil and perverse, so that it could be considered as the best camouflage pull off in the entire human history.

Scene 2: Bretton woods.

The world war two was raging and nations were rooting for economic stability amidst the crisis brought on by the ravaging war. 730 delegates from 44 Allied nations gathered at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The US government promised the world that $35 was the same as one ounce of gold and persuaded the people and governments around the world to keep dollar instead of Gold. All other countries, convinced by the deal, and putting their faith in the United States, kept their gold in Federal Reserve and then kept Dollar as reserve. At the time, maybe they didn’t know Uncle Sam was gonna grow into the nasty bully around the block he is today.

The rest is history.

The Dollar became the de-facto currency of the entire world. Entire world began stockpiling dollars in their arsenals and the FED was suddenly finding themselves in a powerful position. They could literally tear apart world economy if they wanted to, with the flick of a switch.

Then came the twist of the century.

Scene 3: Fractional Reserve.

At this point, all the nation’s wealth, in Gold, was stored in FED lockers. They could only print out notes on the basis of the deposited gold. So what if, they could, issues notes even if there was no gold being deposited?

The FED did exactly that, and it came to be known as the Fractional reserve. It is one of the greatest con jobs every perpetuated in financial history. The concept of Fractional Reserve is itself not evil because worldwide governments still continue that system, but the way it was implemented in the U.S, the way it turned out into in case of the Dollar, and the mass scale in which it affected the world, altogether deserve a mention in the “Book of all Evils”, pretty much on the front page, insightfully as opening lines, or atleast somewhere there in the first paragraph.

FED began issuing loads of money, without any gold backing, and the banking sector rose. The elite rich went onto become more rich and the poor became poorer. The rift in the capitalist economy grew stronger.

Behind the smoke screens, the ultimate capitalist economy was in the making.

It wasn’t like all the people would come into the FED one day and ask for their gold to be returned. People and other governments trusted the US government and the upon this trust, the FED kept on printing piles and piles of cash.

Haven’t you ever wondered how the United States, being the largest debt defector in the world, trillions in debt, give out billions of dollars to other countries? And trillions of dollars spent on clandestine operations such as operation cyclone by which they trained and armed the Taliban at the time of Cold war? If the US is the biggest loan defector of the world, how come they spend billions on weapons and super costly coups staged worldwide to protect the agenda of the American military-industrial complex? Like Operation Ajax in Iran?

Where do the money come from?

The Federal Reserve just prints it out of thin air.

So couldn’t the world see what was happening? Couldn’t they all just march into the FED and ask for their gold back?

They obviously did.

Scene 4: Nixon shock.

On 15 August 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated the concept of convertibility of Dollar to gold. This effectively ended the Bretton Woods system.

So from that time on, if all what you had was a dollar, that was it. There was no Gold backing it up inside the FED. The currency was un-tethered from its Gold and this currency came to be known as free floating fiat currency.

Behind the scenes, meticulously powered by the realization that no nation would march one day into the FED asking for their Gold, the FED kept of printing Dollars. As long as the people trusted, and other nations agreed, they could go on doing this forever. This rush of fake currency powered up their weapons market, and they could suddenly fund all the wars and afford all the bombs and perpetuate all the coups they ever wanted.

When some countries such as Germany smelled the scheme and asked back their gold, the US just said something that goes along with “It’s not a good time”. At this point, everyone realized that their Gold was not with the FED anymore. Nevertheless, they couldn’t take strong actions, because if the public knew that their country’s entire gold was stolen by some other nation, the economy would fall from the lack of confidence. There would be bank runs, riots and pandemonium all across the country. So every nation just kept the ear to ear grin on, while clenching their fists beneath the diplomatic meeting desks. They smirked valiant tales of success and confidence in front of all the broadsheet and tabloid cameras that flashed.

In a nutshell, this mechanism is quite Delphic.

If you want to make enemies, steal some of their gold. But if you want to make friends, steal all of their gold.

It’s all that powers the financial sector- having confidence in the market and convincing people that everything is all right even if Andromeda galaxy is due to collide with the Milky Way the very next day. As long as people bought and sold, the economy would survive and the masters get to keep their throne.

Scene Grand finale: The debt.

What is takes to enslave humanity? That’s one hell of a question. It has intrigued a lot of men throughout the span of countlees centuries, from Caesar to Trump. In the earlier centuries, it was chains and whips.

But now, it’s the debt. As usual people, you always have got mortgage and other debts to clear. You got to buy the things that your neighbor has, even if you can’t afford it. At every damn point in life, you need more money so that you can buy more things. The thirst that can never be quenched. The itch that doesn’t go away with the scratch. There is always a good iPhone model out there, a good car, a good house, and more good stuff. You need to buy if you need to keep up with the others. You need to spend a lot if you want to remain in this thing called civilization. It’s your ticket and if you ever stop spending, you become an outdated outcast whom everyone despises. The people around you will look down at you like they are looking at an uncontacted tribe from some bleak corner of the world.

This is called Collective social programming.

Keep them chasing things. Things they don’t really need. With money they don’t really have. For a time they can’t really spend. This is the mantra.

This is the modern symbol of slavery.

Consider this. FED prints out a dollar and lends it to the government for an interest. So a Dollar is a promise that that government would need to, one day, repay the money back to the FED, along with an interest. An interest is being generated and tied to the note. For the ease of things, let’s imagine the first dollar being printed. When it is issued, it kind of says “You need to repay me to FED next year, along with a 10 percent interest”.

This is the first Dollar ever. How can someone pay the interest if there are no other notes available in the society?

Simple, they have to be printed by FED, which again carries another interest. Convert this simple equation to accommodate trillions of dollars.

This way, endless debt is generated out of nothingness and propagated to billions of people.

This debt enslaves the people, and they end up running their whole lives repaying it. They don’t get time to question government morals. They don’t get time to participate in righteous activism. They don’t get to decide how to live life in their terms. They don’t simply get enough time to even sort out good from bad.

This debt is what enslaves billions of people. It funds the wars worldwide. It decides who need to starve and who need to die. It controls who wins the election. This debt is for what millions of people run their whole lives, trying to repay something that was created out of a morally bankrupt system. This is the biggest scam in human history.

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