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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke’s Third law.

For a long while I have been seeing “Engineering” posts that can be described and abstracted as follows.
“How ridiculous are the engineering topics?”
That’s it getting down to brass tacks. This post is not intended for the engineers who are in love with tech not just for the sake of their jobs. This post is not for them. So when you read on, classify yourself into a group, or change your current train of thought if you get inspired. I am eyeballing the rest of the so called “Engineers” who happens to be in the MNC’s crying out the following things like a baby.
“Why we had to learn the Fourier series? The Taylor series? The sine and the cosine? Law of gravity? The whole physics and mathematics? Engine dynamics? Fluid mechanics? Why couldn’t we have just learned useful things like how to balance an account book? Why we had to learn about imaginary numbers and complex numbers? Why we had to learn about Bernoulli’s principle and Pythagoras theorem? I am still waiting for the days I apply this in real life”
Remember these muses which were once a bumper hit like the Beatles?”
Here are your answers.
Well, I too thought like that, until recently. This posts goes out only to those engineers who so badly want to just “subtract and add” and not do any innovation; and take all the things for granted and then cries out that all those “Formulas” were useless. (A rare some of them were useless for sure).
The rest, please don’t be offended because this is nothing about you.
You just don’t get it.
To bring you stuff like GPS ,Google maps, the whole internet and Facebook, at some points of time, a rocket was launched into space utilizing complex formulas determining stuff like telemetry and an infinite amount of variables like aerodynamics, cryogenics and jet propulsion techniques, and also gravitational equations precisely pre-calculating an orbit around the earth. Even if you need to call an uber, you need that satellite up there.
All the quintillion processes that takes for your call to get connected to your girlfriend, and your voice just floats through the air, invisible and then reaches her? You probably think it’s magic.
The last movie you enjoyed? The great sound of the Dolby Atmos? Well, they use complex calculations from the physics of acoustics.
All the locomotives that runs on land, sails the seas, flies the air and floats through space.
All the algorithms that search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
All the images, videos and audio that you WhatsApp your friends, just gets converted into invisible magic rays and then beams through the atmosphere to your friend’s phone?
The Quantum physics that seeks the meaning of our existence?
Do you wait for a pigeon to come to deliver you messages? Thank an engineer.
Have you had to ride your horse to work or college? Thank an engineer.
Does the light turn on when you press your fancy switch?
Have you had to swim the Arabian Sea or the Atlantic Ocean to get to other continents? Thank engineers.
Did your doctors diagnose your cancer successfully? Thank engineers.
Can you reach your dear ones by mobiles? Thank an engineer.
Do you wear good clothes that are carefully and precisely woven by machines? Thank an engineer.
Do you have electricity? Do you have your entertainment? Your Facebook and YouTube? A bike to ride? A bus to catch? A camera to click? A song to hear? The internet?
From creating your cures to save you in case an extinction level event hits us, engineers are working hard on these theorems.
They (We) are required to make work all the things that you feeble minds believe are magic.
So to all the people who takes all those knowledge for granted, this message goes out for them. The truth is, those ignorant crybabies won’t get it as they are working for a corporate, being their obedient employees who does things as they are told, and not look beyond that. They maybe in Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Accenture or Wipro or in any glass cabin who pays them good and keeps them sober, that they won’t ever need to look at the equations past the bullet points in their SRS. They think they are all set up with good things. They can upload their brilliant life to social media and post images of what they had for dinner. They don’t need to look past the boundaries set by current inventors and innovators because their job requirement doesn’t demand them to. They don’t see the challenge. They don’t see any reason to evolve technologically that is not tethered to career development and resume building. They don’t get the sheer intoxication of Adrenalin rush of the man who looks down at his invention and is firm in his mind that no one has ever laid eyes on what he has just discovered. They think theorems and equations that were taught to them are useless because they don’t use them.
Well, the truth is that, the world is built upon the keels of these laws. Just because they are in an MNC and has access to social media, doesn’t make them question the importance of things that they have studied.
It’s just that they chose a path in life by which they could avoid using these things they learned.
They were expected to change the world. Not to die as an MNC branded copy.
So, crybabies, know that all these devices that you use, and all the medical miracles that cures you, and all the entertainment you have; are created by marvelous engineering. You are here, with your debit card and mobile phone and laptop, at this phase of the civilization and thinks you are great. NO. No. You are always slaves for the equations and formulas that you are dismissing as unimportant.
You would take all of them for granted because some guy, somewhere worked hard with the mathematical foundations and equations to make this all work. You are so ignorant that you will only look for how great they are. You won’t ever try to understand how they work because you don’t need to know. You are not hungry for that. You don’t even try. You are the by-product of a messed up thought process. You think the degree that you hold, MBBS, LLB, or literature, doesn’t require you to know the secret behind the magic that makes the world run? Just remember, it’s not relevant that you understand the technology or not. The only important part here is the “try” part. DO you TRY to understand or not?
If you don’t at least try and are, making the claim that they are useless, you are that person who once watched a TV and seriously wondered how all the actors could fit into that TV box.
Have you gone to a doctor? He is not a magician. He is the one who depends on his expertise to cure people, but he cannot do anything without these electronic machines and engineering inventories. They want to take a look at your scan results. Your MRI, CT, PET, X RAY, ECG, EEG, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, and a lot more, which are electronic devices which works on the basis of known physical and mathematical functions and then gets picked up by a sophisticated computer program to convert it into a form that is readable by the poor doctors so that they can use their expertise to jot down some medications, that were once created in a chemical pharmaceutical lab by depending on Artificially intelligent computer programs that predicts the affinity of bio targets to various drug candidates from the chemical assay.
It’s only when you take a leap of faith into solving the unsolvable and gets in line to create something that really matters- not for your corporate masters, but for yourself and the world, you will see the value of all the things that you were taught. Until now, you were looking at development. Not innovation. You are only thinking about using. Not creating. You were only wondering, not thinking.
You were expected to use these “useless” formulas to build a better world. Not to work as a slave for an MNC.
Like Jesse Pinkman would say, It’s all “Science, Bitch”
P.S: The screen you are probably reading this now, do you know that it’s probably being shown by a million pixels which are shown by running a mathematically calculated precise electron flow across them? And the flow is determined by the information that was encoded in the form of binary code, which was conceived from my keyboard which depends upon the mathematical grid pattern of keys that detects short circuits to determine which key I have pressed and then convert the voltage levels to something called ASCII codes, which after millions of mathematical transformations, are encoded into EM waves that travels up to the space, to a satellite in low earth orbit, revolving as per gravitational equations, and reaches your phone display after millions of other routing processes which probably involve carefully built under-ocean internet cable lines?

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