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God, Artificial Intelligence and Afterlife

We live and breathe in that era of cosmic evolution in which the defining lines in between reality and fiction blurs away, creations create their own creators, and for the first time in the history of the known Universe, a species is capable of amplifying one of the most powerful abstract forces in the entire, […]


How lines of code kill humans.

NO. NO. NO. This is not about Skynet or Ultron. It was a moonless night of April 12, 2014 in Washington State. A terrified Seattle woman dialed 911 for 37 times and the number was dead. There was a stranger lurking outside her home, and he was trying to break into the house. After a while […]


Biggest scam in the world.

This thing right here, is the biggest scam in the world. Let’s keep the story short. I am not intending to call any system evil or compare it with others. This article is not about the conceptualization of a perfect utopia. This story is an over-simplified version of what is happening out there in the […]


Can distributed computing cure cancer?

What you can do about it? Each single mobile device inside our pockets hold more processing power than the entire NASA had at disposal during the Apollo mission, launching the first man onto the surface of the moon. Despite the fact that they hold tremendous processing capabilities, making them little power houses of their own, […]

Bit Coin

Bitcoin demystified in simple terms

Even if sun’s total energy output is taken for 32 years to power a super-computer, it still won’t be able to crack Bitcoins protocol. The current value of Bitcoin, at the time this blog was written is 3000$ and that’s more value than gold and diamonds . If you have 10 Bitcoins in your possession, […]