We are behavioural specialists.

A mobile app is a doorway between users and business, driven by human behaviour. We have extensive database of behavioural traits, obtained from extensive A/B testing of various apps. This allows us to engineer human centered hooks into your apps. We convert user psychology into user experience.

Our platforms.

  • Android.
  • iOS.
  • React Native.

Game Development:

Our creative people have all the magic paints and brushes to create and breathe life into a game of your dreams. We take care of it all from storyboarding, designing to deployment.



From desigining to deployment; whether it is an MVP or a full flung app, we make sure that you get the best from us.

Our Pipeline.

The Process

We will provide you with detailed timelines, Mockups, Revisions, Wireframes and Creative Assets. Designs are responsive by default.

Dedicated personel

To provide unparalleled support, we will have resources dedicated for your project support.

Human Centered Design

Apps are used by humans, not machines. Our interaction database helps us to provide designs mingling into human psychology of the sales process, aiding your sales funnel.


We are behavioural specialists, and we have deep analytical insights into building habit loops into your app to maximize user retention.

Highly functional checklists

A Quality Checklist will have more than 100 items to ensure that everything goes well.

Creative Design

We measure the How and Why of the interactions people make with your app.These insights help you make data-driven decisions about optimizing your next campaign and activity.