About Us


We are very happy to introduce you to our company WeHUBS Innovations which has been in the business of providing Information Technology Services for convenient price. Providing quality services is the main motto of our organization and we never compromise the quality of our services

Our Startup Year

We started up in 2013, with big dreams, a few computers and a burning desire to change the world for good. This was our first Office.



Expanding our frontiers

Team expansion. Moved our office to a bigger place. With the arrival of new members, our will and our testimonials are also on the rising edge.


Teaming up

Alliance with Orane Intelli Solutions Bangalore, a real estate company, as their technological counterpart.


Our social Obligation

Launched RedConnect, an online blood bank utilizing social media to connect donors and recipients. RedConnect was an elegant example of bridging the gap between technology and humanity.


Our alliances

Alliance with BusyBits, an Australian technological company.



Further Expansions

Alliance with EyneTech Solutions as their technology partner.


what we do?

Beyond all the automations a system can possibly provide, designing is the phase that requires a delicate human touch. Our designing team, has all the magic brushes and paints. They utilize latest languages like HTML5 and CSS3 to design attractive responsive websites.

We code as a team, designing and developing robust products and services. Our coding depends on the very latest standards and terminologies put forth by the coding community across the world. We use state of the art technologies like PHP 5.5 and jQUERY

We have an ebullient team of Android and iOS developers who develop mobile applications in a time-bound and cost effective manner. They constantly update their knowledge base, which further adds to the quality of the application they are developing.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    To chase and achieve perfectionism in implementing the ideas and IT solutions we have conceived and to collaborate with people and organizations to achieve something more than mere success.
  • Our Vision

    To apply our ideas and expertise to achieve technological solutions for new age problems and to be a forerunner in innovations that would make this planet a better place to live and thus shape the course of human destiny towards a brighter tomorrow
  • What makes us different?

    When we perceive a problem, or a scenario to which solutions are to be needed, across the globe, many people start working on the same too. But if we are able to spot those problems or scenarios from a mile away, we could be able to work on creating solutions before anyone could. We stick onto following this business strategy. Being ahead of the curve, marketing the future.

How we Evolved

Expanding our frontiers

WeHUBS Innovations was born in place where many great things were born. A College campus. When it started out, there were just two things. A dim Dorm room with a small window and a lots of computers and table drawers filled with snacks and a bunch of dreamy guys . Months later, the company moved out of the college premises, into a decorated official building in Cochin's start-up hub- Edappilly.

Each time we get things done, we consider ourselves breaking free from the limitations that confines us. We watch with pride, as our projects turns into milestones and our short staggering steps turns into well paced strides. At the end of the day, besides the money, our greatest achievement is the satisfactory smile on the face our clients.

In Mark Twain's words, we have thrown off the bowlines, sailed away from the safe harbour and have caught the trade-winds in our sails.